The Public Library Can Help Our Children

Rate the world around you: The Seattle Public libraryPublic libraries have long been a wonderful resource for people of all ages. With technology growing the way that it has over the years, many people have turned their backs on the library. There are still many Americans that find joy and relaxation in the library. The library provides people of all income brackets a way to gain access to books that they would not otherwise have.

I am a member of a church that is not in a high income area. I take groups of children to the library at least once a week and spend time reading to them, teaching them how the library works and allowing them to get their hands on the books that they would not otherwise ever get to read. It is one of the highlights of my life.

The librarian that operates the library that we go to is a wonderful woman that takes a great deal of pride and joy in her job. She takes the time to answer any questions that the children have about anything about the books. She helps them in ways that many of the parents do not have the time, knowledge or the desire to.

Many of these children were not reading at the level that they should have been when we first started these day trips and are now reading at their level or above. It has really opened the doors to all of their futures. Some of them started doing better in school and have had complete changes in their personalities. It was like they did not think they were able to do things in their lives and now they know that they can do anything.

The public library is a tool that is often overlooked in today’s society and hopefully will begin to become a part of everyone’s lives once again.

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How Hard is It to Become a Librarian?

I am only 15 years old now, although I shall be 16 shortly after school starts back. So I am not in a huge rush to decide upon a career. One thing that I am considering is Library Science. I will admit that it does not seem like an extremely difficult job and the pay should be adequate considering how much I enjoy reading. I would like to become a journalist or a writer, but right now my skill is quite disappointing. I think that I have written something that is pretty good while I am working on it, but then after a few days I look at it and realize that it is actually quite nondescript. I am perhaps a little harsh in analyzing my writing, but I know that it is not good enough.

I do love to read and it seems as though learning to be a librarian would be rather easy for me. I learn things that interest me extremely well and I have a good deal of trouble with topics that I find boring. Already I have a good grasp of how the library at school operates. I help them out on my study hall period if I have no homework that must be done. Mrs Brucker has taught me the basics and even lets me check out books for other students if she has to do something else. That is pretty simple actually. I do not think that I would think the pay for a librarian to be overly impressive, but it is an extremely important career in my opinion. Without libraries the world would in very bad shape and you have to see that they are properly operated. If you do not make sure everything works the way it should people like me could get no benefit from the books.

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